• Mobile fume extraction unit purifies    air at up to eight workstations
  • The adjustable pressure control    guarantees optimal air flow    regulation for each workstation    independent of the number of    connected workstations
  • Electronic filter control and easy    filter exchange
  • Four wheels to allow easy    movement of the unit
  • Remote control with alarm function
  • Noise-dampened metal housing
  • Quick and simple installation

Technical Data
Maximum capacity 8 workstations
Maximum extraction rate 615 m³/h
Sound level 51 db (A) at 1 m distance
Standard connection pipe system 75
Operating voltage 230/120 V / 50/60 Hz
Power input 450 VA
Maximum vacuum 2.800 Pa
(L x W x H)
450 x 450 x 650 mm
17.7 x 17.7 x 25.6 in.
Weight 21 kg / 46.3 lb.
Installation Diagrams
Replacement Filters
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WFE 4S Mobile fume extraction unit purifies air at up to eight soldering workstations


The WFE 4S fume extraction system is userfriendly with quick and simple installation and filter exchange. It has a low noise emission level and is small and convenient to locate within the work area.

The high quality components used in the WFE 4S result in low servicing requirements and long system life. To increase filter lifetime and save on energy, the WFE 4S is fitted with an automatic airflow speed control – depending on the number of connected workstations. To extend the capacity an external pre-filter can be fixed directly to the WFE 4S.

The powerful maintenance-free variable speed turbine is electronically controlled and has a maximum capacity of 615 m3/h. It has 3 operating modes:

  1. Standard speed control – selected by the user irrespective of the load on the system.
  2. Speed limiting control – the pump speed is automatically varied to match the load on the system.
  3. Economy control – the rate of fume absorption is maintained at a constant value. The operating hours and the filter condition are recorded for maintenance purposes.
WFE 4S includes:
•WFE 4S Fume Extraction Unit 230/120 V / 50/60 Hz
Compact filter Consists of: HEPA filter H13, wide band gas filter
(50% active carbon / 50% Puratex)
Fine dust pre-filter F7

Order No. 230V 005 36 256 99
Order No. 120V WFE4S

Option: WFE 4S with gas filter
Compact filter for adhesive fumes. Consists of:
wide band gas filter (50% active carbon / 50% Puratex)
Fine dust filter F7

Order No. 230V 005 36 496 99
Order No. 120V WFE4SG


Pre-filter to extend capacity of
The pre-filter is recommended for use with solder bath, automatic soldering, laser, or other major dust-emitting applications. It acts as a first stage in the filter process, increasing the lifetime of the main filter units. The pre-filter can be fixed directly to the top of the WFE 4S or in conjunction with the WFE 2S and WFE 2X as an external part of the fume extraction system.

Pre-filter includes:
Filter box
(2) hose connections 75

Order No. 005 87 358 62

ESD safe low sound level